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About Me
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Digital Design Anything with a screen. I have 8 years of experience designing digital experiences across mediums, working on over 50 products. I bring a unique blend of typographic and prototyping skills to design out delightful and compelling experiences.
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Opportunity Discovery With an emphasis on qualitative, I bring extensive research experience to identify, understand and define new market opportunities for clients.
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Leading Teams I have recruited and built design teams from scratch as well as led product programs with multiple balanced teams. With a background in product management and experience in development, I can lead product teams through the entirety of the product development cycle while also managing c-level stakeholders.
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Long Bio

I primarily focus on product and interaction design for companies like Harley Davidson, Fidelity, Natera, Octane AI and ShearShare. I work in a collaborative and highly iterative fashion emphasizing building and testing prototypes with users.

I started my career at West Agile Labs as a QA analyst trying to break products. I was there for 3 years, where I built out and oversaw the design and product teams. I led our design team of five, pitched clients, managed resources, developed the West Agile brand and worked on over 45+ products, such as Natera, SpikeBee, Nvolv, Eventyoda, Octane AI, and ShearShare, which won Tech.Co’s startup of the year.

After West Agile, I worked for Harley Davidson for the better part of 2017. During that time, the product team focused on re-designing their existing ride planning tool. For the first half of the engagement, I had the opportunity to work out of Pivotal Labs with talented team there. Some of the designers I had the privilege to work with were Richard Enlow, Prianka Rayamajhi and David Ghent.

I had moved to NYC after the Harley Davidson engagement where I started working over with SapientRazorfish helping craft and build Marcel, the AI powered assistant. I'm currently helping redefine their agency workflow as well define the UX framework for a conversational interface.

In the middle of 2018, I partnered again with a one of the most talented product people I know, Rathan Haran, where we helped transform Baby Noggin's product. We brought to the table, lean and agile methdologies to help better support the Baby Noggin ecosystem, focusing on iterative prototyping and research. We are currently helping doctors and teachers better screen children.

Full Resume

A Vignette

Born and raised in lovely South Bay, California. I went to BCP and received my undergrad degree in Political Science at Cal Poly, SLO, where I ran cross-country and track at both. I also started the Cal Poly Distance Club with my best friend Mike

On the side, I try to keep busy with photography, making music, and lots of side projects. The two big ones I’m working on right now are The Underground Symphony and Dodo. My biggest passion outside of the world of design is some really good fucking breakfast tacos. Seriously, they’re decadent. Check out the website here to learn more about them and how you can get a bite yourself.

Graduated from Bellarmine
Cal Poly Distance Club I ended up running a 4:18 mile under the tutelage of the great Mando.
Graduated Cal Poly I almost went back for a degree in computer science. I didn't because "I didn't want to stare at a screen all day".
San Francisco
RoadTrip I roadtripped across the country, driving 13,732 miles and saw 32 states.
New York
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