BabyNoggin Enabling doctors to better screen developing children.
Role Product Design Lead
Timeline May '18 – Jan '19
Delivery iPad
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Agency Freelance
Rathan Haran Product Manager
Product Design
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Challenge Reduce the time needed to take, analyze and record 20-question-screeners for providers.

Pediatricians leverage a number of different screenings (5 dominant formats) to assess the rate at which a child develops in a particular skillset (Gross & Fine Motor, Social + 4 more). The majority of this process is on pen and paper in the healthcare providers office.

While I was at BabyNoggin, I focused on ways optimize the in-office workflow. Closer to the end of my time at BabyNoggin, I started to explore concepts how BabyNoggin can encourage parents to prepare for screenings prior to the doctors office.

200 Doctors as of Q1 2019
25 %
Monthly Recurring Revenue

When I left, the product was piloted with Advocate Aurora Health, the 10th largest not-for-profit integrated healthcare system in the U.S.

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In-Office Screening

We built a framework that enabled offices to more efficiently screen patients and record their results.

Screening Completion Supporting parents with the necessary communication to recall scenarios necessary for completing questions in the screener.
Awareness around missed questions and at-risk answers Screener questions often were obscure and hard to answer. We designed and built a flow that allowed providers to quickly jump through all skipped questions.
Display screening results

The screeners had up to 20 questions with complex scoring methdology. We automated that process.

Ability to save results in provider’s electronic health records

There are over 100 different EHR systems each with their own API. Rather than building numerous API intergations, we plugged into provider workflows by simply allowing them to print results and scan into their system when they can.

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Pre-Office Prep

At the end of a screener, we previewed questions from the next visit so that parents would know what to look for between visits. They had an opportunity to enter their email to view the either view or complete the screener

If a parent either prepped or completed a screen before their visit, we would be saving 10-30 minutes per appointment.

Some doctors see upwards of 70 patients a day. This could potentially save them up to 45 hours annually.

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