Dumptruck Bringing contracting dumptrucks into the digital age.
Role Lead Designer
Timeline Nov '16 – Jun '17
Delivery Responsive Web & Android
Screenshot of Dumptruck on iPhone
Agency Freelance
Rathan Haran Product Manager
Brian Basher Art Director
Product Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Feature Prioritization
High-Fidelity Prototyping
Challenge Digitizing Bucky’s Hauling by creating a fully comprehensive logistics platform.

While the gig economy has risen in new areas, it's been strong in markets such as big-rig trucking and dumptrucking. Bucky's Hauling LLC is a network of trucking comanpies and suppliers fulfilling orders on an on-demand basis. They were looking for a transition from excel spreadsheets to the digital world to better manage and scale their business. They partnered with Gigster and their freelance network to take them into the digital age.

Experience & Solution

The core experience revolved around managing the lifecycle of an order. This meant tracking the order from inception to assignment to fullfilment to completion. We designed & built three platforms, each managing an aspect of the order.

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Consumers — Placement of Order
0 2
Dispatch — Coordinator of Order
0 3
Trucking Companies — Order Fulfillment
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Consumers have the ability to purchase and track one of four different order types (flat rate, disposal, materials and duration). We focused on designing and building a dynamic checkout that evolves as a shopper goes through the ordering process.

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We created a master control planel for Dispatchers to manage every aspect of an order. This included being able to quote orders, find suppliers, assign trucking companies, track loads and fulfill payment.

Order Management

At it's core, an order is defined by it's loads. Thus, the entire design system was crafted around loads. Incoming orders are triaged by the system into individual loads for more precise and efficient fulfillment methods. Loads could be filled by single or multiple suppliers as well as single or multiple trucking contractors, enabling maximum flexibility. The dispatcher has full control over every step of the process.

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The driver app we designed focused on providing a contextual and focused experience to ensure that drivers could update their orders with ease. Each step of updating an order only focused on either moving forward or correcting an action.

Left & Right Drivers needed to keep customers and managers aware of status, so we focused on providing easy, contextual actions to help move them through the process. We even pulled in estimated times to help them leave on time.
Left Drivers could manage all their past orders and accounting in one place.
Right Drivers had control over what loads they'd pick up.
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