Harley-Davidson A Ride Planning Ecosystem for Moto-heads
Role Product Designer
Timeline Feb '17 – Nov '17
Delivery iOS, Android & Web
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Agency Freelance
Agency Pivotal Labs
Richard Enlow Design Lead
Prianka Rayamajhi Product Designer
David Ghent Product Designer
Product Design
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Challenge How might we help Harley owners ride 3-5x more annually?

Harley-Davidson is one of the most well-known brands in the world, not just the motorocycle industry. In the early 2000’s they built a mapping application on web that enabled riders to plan short and multi-day rides. However, they needed to revamp their routing ecosystem as they started to invest and build digital tools into their motorcycles.

I had the opportunity to work with Harley-Davidson throughout 2017 as they rebuilt their ride planner ecosystem. Their goal was simple: improve annual ridership 3-4 more times per year.

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iOS Store Ratings
4.8 Average App Store Review
I'm loving the user interface of the new app! The recommendations for new and safe routes is my favorite part. — calirider37
Such a well designed app! The rider planner is so easy to use and very helpful when I am taking long rides. — abcsop
I have been using the H-D app for several months now and I have really enjoyed using all the features — Slick from KS
I really like this app for the fact that it gives me extra reason to ride trying to get more miles than others. — krbobby
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Finding Rides

Navigation for a Motorcycle is quite different than a car. There are a number of key decisions points that factor into choosing a ride. We highlighted these in the discovery process.

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Amount of time to ride
0 2
0 3
Curvy-ness of the road
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Route Management

Afer selecting a route, we gave riders the tools to manage their ride such as customizing, adding stops or changing the start location.

Left Knowing how to prepare for a ride was cruicial. We gave them a weather preview for the ride so they could be prepared for any weather along the way.
Right Riders had the ability to quick add recommended restaurants and gas stations along the way without having to enter in a search.
Left Riders had the ability to see all waypoints along the route as well as manage each individual waypoint. They had the ability to re-arrange waypoints too.
Right Riders could search for stops and waypoints along the way. As they added stops, they could manage where the new stop was added in the ride.
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Riders had the ability to ride their selected route with an in-app navigation epxerience. We optimized the existing platform provided by HereMaps.

We focused on continuous map orientation & zooming levels, re-centering map capabilities and voice directions (many riders have bluetooth helmets as they cannot look at their phone in the middle of riding).

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