Marcel Connecting the Publicis Groupe's 80,000 Employees.
Role Product Design Lead
Timeline Jan '18 – May '20
Delivery iOS, Android & Web
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Agency Publicis Sapient
Head of Product Suff Syed
Head of Strategy Tara Flippin
Product Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Design-Backlog Prioritization
Kick-Off & KPI Facilitation
Daily Design Sync Facilitation
User Research Sessions
User Research Synthesis
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Challenge Removing information and work silos across the Publicis Groupe's 150+ brands.

The Publicis Groupe is a French multinational advertising and public relations company. With just the 3rd CEO in its 90 year history, The Publicis Groupe started Marcel in 2017 as an intiaitve to identify software opportunities to implement their new global client model: ‘The Power of One.”

At it’s core, Marcel is an ecosystem that centralizes data across the group’s 150+ agencies and 80,000+ employees. To help streamline work and more efficiently distribute knowledge, the platform focuses on a few key solutions:

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Searching & Connecting with the Groupe's Talent
0 2
Digitizing Communities and Groups
0 3
Short and Long Term Job Opportunities
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Managing Productivity (Timehseets, Calendar & Email)
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Centalization of Thought Leadership and Annoucements
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Proactive Recommendation Engine
Roles & Projects

I joined in early 2018 to help shape, design and deliver some of the previously identified opportunity spaces. Over the course of the next 2 years, I worked on a number of projects and held a variety of roles. Below are some of the key ones.

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Product-Led Program Product Designer May 2018 I drove an initiative to evolve the delivery system of the entire program from client-agency to product-led.
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Fluent Framework Implementation Systems Lead, UX July 2018 The visual design lead and myself worked with Microsoft’s principle design team to roll out a new conversational design paradigm to our 5 product teams.
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Web 1.0 Product Design Lead November 2018 I led a team of 5 UX designers and 2 researchers to translate our native apps into a responsive web platform
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Native Apps 2.0 Product Design Lead June 2019 I led a team of 6 designers and 1 researcher to evolve Marcel from a voice based, conversational framework to a traditional UI paradigm.
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