Octane AI

Octane AI Build your audience on Facebook Messenger.
Role Design Lead
Timeline Sep '16 – Dec '16
Delivery Responsive Web
Screenshot of BabyNoggin on iPad
Agency West Agile Labs
Jackie Cruickshank Art Director
Danielle Hadley Product Designer
Product Design
Interaction Design
Feature Prioritization
Kick Off Facilitation
KPI Definition
Front-end Development
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Challenge Allow publishers without coding experience, create and manage a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

At the beginning of fall 2016, Octane AI saw an opportunity for content creators to interact with their millions of fans on Facebook. They partnered with West Agile Labs to help build out their first vision chatbot builder and manager.

I oversaw the design efforts for simplifying the complex nature of chatbots. Branding and art direction was driven by Jackie Cruickshank while I lead product and interaction design with help from Danielle Hadley.

100 m
Fans Interacting with Octane AI Chatbots
3:00 Average Time to Set up a Chatbot

Octane AI had a successful beta launch and quickly raised a series A round. Some of their beta users included: 50 Cent, Aerosmith, Kiss, 30 Seconds to Mars, SPiN and Magic Mike Live.


Their business is like web design platforms Wix or Weebly, but for chatbots. It’s a paint-by-numbers for bot creation that’s so easy, I could do it.

Katie Roof — TechCrunch

Octane AI is a platform that enables businesses to set up powerful chatbots on Facebook Messenger in just a few minutes.


Octane keeps that promise of five minutes or less


I built a chatbot. It can only do a handful of things, and it’s even dumber than the average chatbot. But it works, and I can talk to it through Facebook Messenger. More importantly, I’m not a coder.

Ellen Huet — Bloomberg
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Bot Building

Publishers had 6 types of chatbots each with a particular focus. Each type of chatbot had a similar flow that took the creator step by step, starting with type and ending with final details. We modeled this similar to an airline or e-commerce checkout so that it would be familar and understandable.

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Track Your Bot

After creating a bot, publisher had the ability to view and track against the performance of their bots.

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Content Integrations & Plugin Health

We designed a solution that enables developers to build and add integrations to the Octane AI ecosystem. This enabled chatbot managers to elevate their messenger bot to pull in content from a variety of sources, such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

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Custom Responses

We designed away for publishers to add in custom responses. They have the ability to view unkonwn responses by popularity and generate responses accordingly. They also had the ability to generate randomized messages for any other message.

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